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Explore, survive, fight with the dangers of the zone and become the dominant force!

Project STQ is a tactical RPG milisim game inspired by games like CDDA, Noct, STALKER, Papers Please and World of Horror.

  • Invite your friends, host or join a server, make a community, fight other players and battle with monsters and enemy factions for earning the highest score in the server!
  • Collect and craft, make better gear and go in to the deeps of the world, the deeper the more dangerous but better rewards!
  • Customize your player, change the style and look of your player to your hearts consent!
  • Level up, train the abilities you like more and build your player to match your playstyle!
  • Explore all the land in search for activities, missions and artifacts!
  • Discover the undercover mysteries and lore that this intriguing world holds for you!
  • Create new buildings and places to watch, use the landscape as your canvas and make anything u want!


Dont know with who to play or how to make a server?, dont worry we got you!

  • Enter the matchmaker and find any hosted server around the world!, meet new people and places, be part of the community!
  • Make new gaming pals or even know new people to host your own custom adventures!
  • Be the best player in the server, make history and become a legend!

Are u a super powered tech player?, make your own server!

  • Host servers however you want on your local machine!
  • Hire one of our public servers to play!
  • Upload the server to the matchmaker system so new people can meet you and your world!

-Support the game-

If you would like to support the development Project STQ, you can do it on Ko-fi and by following the game's devlogs on Twitter!


Project STQ is being developed by Nokki. You can follow the game's development news through it's Twitter account where updates documenting the development are posted!

-System Requirements-

Operating System Windows® XP 32-bit, Linux 32-bit, Android 4.0Windows® 7/10 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Android 4.0.4
Processor Single-core processor at 1.2 GHzDual-core processor at 2.7 GHz  or faster
Graphics GLES 2.0 compatible GPUGLES 2.0 compatible GPU
Video Memory Shared system RAM128 VRAM or higher
Screen 640 x 360p 60hz 1280 x 720p 60hz
Memory 512MB RAM on Android, 1GB RAM on Linux and Windows XP4GB RAM or higher
Sound Integrated audio Integrated audio or better
Storage 1GB available space 1GB available space

DISCLAIMER: Project STQ is under development. These requirements may be subject to change later on. The game must be tested in more pc environments for making more accurate Minimum Requirements!


Function Key Button
Accept / use A tool Right Arrow A
Go back / use B tool Left Arrow B
Pause menu Enter Start
Open / Close Info panel Right shift Select
Scroll left on the Info panel Space R trigger
Scroll right on the Info panel Left Control L trigger
Scroll up / move up W Up
Scroll down / move down S Down
move left A Left
move right D Right


-The Squad!-

Nokki — Design, Programming, Graphics and SFX

Aughflair— Design, Music and Graphics

Pivy— Design and Graphics

-The Support!-

MinimalLogic— Programming

IwillbeaCacique— Design

UntoldMage— Design

PraedaCopepoda— Design and Graphics

AxlNoir— Design and Graphics

Tetracold— Graphics

Created and developed by Nokki.

Development log


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it looks so promising!! i can’t wait to try it :>>